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After the devastating death of my father and the near death of my mother in a home invasion shooting in a quiet suburban community; life as I knew it had changed forever. This unimaginable event gave me a harsh realization that life was short, and incidentally became the catalyst that inspired me. I reflected on my own life and how I had lived it up to now. Who would I be remembered as? A wife? A mother?


Suddenly, I had clarity for my life's purpose and I decided to make art a greater part of my life.


Although I considered myself an artist since a young age and creativity had been a daily part of my life; I had not yet concentrated on developing my creative abilities.


With two school-age children, I enrolled as a full-time student at the College for Creative Studies, CCS.


Detroit inspired me. Initially I became fascinated with painting images of the city as it took me back to spending time with my father in places like Eastern Market, Downtown, Mexicantown, the Riverfront and more. I soon found my affection for the city was not shared by many of my fellow metro-Detroiters; not even the press.


A negative perception of Detroit was apparent and fueled my drive to validate the city's worth even more. Today I continue to paint positive images of this truly amazing city. 

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